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paket wisata bangkokPaket Wisata Singapore - Bangkok has hit the sweet spot. It’s modern but far from antiseptic, filled with luxuries, pampering and great food — but still affordable. In the glare of the tropical sun it can be an ugly sprawl of tangled wires and broken pavement. Yet amid the chaos, visitors find charm and, above all, character. Somehow extremes coexist: skyscrapers and moldy tenements; high-end, cloth-napkin dining and tasty street food stalls; five-star hotels and fleabag guesthouses overflowing with backpackers; libidinous hedonism and Buddhist meditation. To travel across Bangkok is to see several worlds at once. Increasingly it is also convenient. The city of paralyzing traffic now has ample public transportation options ranging from boats to an expanding subway system. But if there is one reason visitors return again and again to Bangkok, it is the people. The anonymity and daily grind of urban life is slowly wearing away at the legendary Thai smile. Yet Bangkok remains one of the friendliest cities on the planet, still infused with the Thai village traditions of hospitality and graciousness.

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1. Siamese Cruise

Bangkok’s riverfront is undergoing a renaissance. Warehouses have been converted into a night market for tourists; restaurants and boutique hotels populate the riverside; and the Grand Palace and Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) are both magnificently illuminated at night. Take your own private 20-minute boat ride, an alternative to a tacky river cruise down the Chao Phraya River. It’s free when you reserve a table at the riverside Chon Thai restaurant, in the elegant Siam Hotel. Ask for the shuttle boat to pick you up at the Saphan Taksin pier, at a skytrain stop of the same name. Have sunset drinks on the hotel pier before heading into the two-story teak house where dinner is served. Try the pomelo salad and pork ribs seasoned with longan honey and lime. The corridors of the hotel house the personal antiques collection of its Thai-American owners — massive teak apothecary cabinets and opium beds, among many other pieces. (Chon Thai restaurant, Siam Hotel, 3/2 Thanon Khao, Vachirapayabal, Dusit;

10 p.m.
2. Backpacker Nightcap

Take a stroll through Bangkok’s foreign ghetto, the pulsing enclave around Khao San Road, Southeast Asia’s largest backpacker district. For decades this warren of streets and alleyways was a haven of cheap food and lodging for the great tide of unwashed European and American budget travelers. Now the area, parts of which are closed off to traffic at night, has become a hip destination for young Thais who stroll, gawk at the backpackers and gulp down cheap beer. Cap the night off with live music at a tiny sliver of a bar called Blues (13, Samsen Road; (66) 89-769-4613), a 10-minute walk from Khao San Road just after the bridge over the Samsen canal.
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3. Market Maze

paket wisata bangkokBefore air-conditioned shopping malls sprouted up across Bangkok, there was Chatuchak, a vast weekend flea market on the northern outskirts. Today vendors sell everything from knockoffs of designer shirts to aromatherapy oils, potted plants and reptiles. You can lose yourself in the alleyways of Chatuchak, half outdoors and half covered by leaky tarpaulins and roofs. If you’re not a shopper, it will be an anthropological adventure, evidence of the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity that have helped lift this country out of poverty.